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1. I need to talk to someone about my order

Simply drop us a note through our contact us form, and we'll be on it like chocolate chips on a cookie. Expect to hear back from us in a jiffy!

But hey, if you're the talkative type (we love that!), feel free to give our Customer Care team a ring on 0207 529 8369. They're on standby to chat with you from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

2. How can I amend an order?

Just click your way to our contact us form, and let's start a conversation that's as delightful as our cookies.

Quick heads-up: if you're planning any tweaks to your order, make sure to give us at least 3 working days before your delivery date. Our amazing factory team will do their best to sprinkle some magic on your requests, but, you know, good things take a little time.

3. What is your refund policy?

Your happiness is our priority! If there's anything that doesn't quite hit the sweet spot with your order, we're here to make it right.

Don't hesitate to reach out – we want to ensure you're not just satisfied but absolutely thrilled with your Millie's experience. Drop us a line, and let's turn any frowns into delightful cookie moments!

If, for any reason, you need to chat with us about your order, we kindly ask you to reach out within 24 hours of your delivery or collection. td.

Just hop over to our Contact Us form and share the details, along with your proof of purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to make sure every bite brings you joy!

All refunds are handled with care and will be granted at the discretion of SSP UK Ltd.

4. There is an error in my order confirmation

Oops! Spotted an error on your order confirmation? No worries – we've got your back! Head over to our Contact Us page and give us the lowdown, so we can fix it up before your cookies hit the oven.

Time is of the essence, though! If you're eyeing a Monday delivery, make sure to send in your amendments by 5 pm on Wednesday.
1. Do you deliver overseas?

We currently only deliver to UK mainland.

2. What are the delivery and cut off time details for online ordering?

We're in action 6 days a week, dispatching your orders like clockwork 5 days a week.

Count on us to bring the sweetness to your doorstep, Monday through Saturday. Because at Millie's, we believe in turning every day into a cookie celebration

For more information visit our delivery page.

3. Will I get an order confirmation email?

Hooray! Your Millie's Cookies adventure officially begins once you hit that order button, and we can't wait to share the excitement with you. Look out for our "Thank you for your order".

In this email, you'll find all the details that matter:

Your order details
The order cost
The shipping method – how we're sending the sweetness your way.
The delivery date – mark your calendar for cookie joy.
Your customer details – just in case you want to frame them (we wouldn't blame you).

4. I haven’t received my confirmation email from either Millies Cookies, DPD or both. What can I do?

Sometimes, our confirmation email plays hide and seek in the spam or trash folders – those sneaky little cookies! Before you panic, take a peek there and be patient; it might take a bit for the magic to unfold.

In case the confirmation email is taking its sweet time (we know, patience is hard when cookies are involved), and it hasn't landed in your inbox within an hour, don't worry! Head over to our Contact Us page, and let us know. We're here to make sure your Millie's experience is as smooth as our cookie dough!

5. How can I change my delivery date?

That’s not a problem, please contact us and we will help to rearrange.

Please allow 3 working days before your order is due to be delivered, Don’t worry if you are contacting us after this cut off time – when you receive your courier confirmation you will have a range of ‘in-flight’ delivery options to choose from such as:
a. Changing your delivery date
b. Collecting from your nearest courier Pickup Shop
c. Asking us to deliver to your preferred neighbour
d. Arranging to have your order delivered to a safe place at your address.
Providing a contact number will also increase the opportunity for our courier to contact you if there is no-one available at the delivery address. In the worst case scenario, a calling card will be left and an e:mail notification will be sent, as to where the delivery is being held, along with a range of options to reorganise delivery or for customer pick up.

Please note that the SSP Customer Care Team are available Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5pm (excluding Public/bank holidays).

Let's make rearranging a breeze and add a touch of reassurance:

Oops, plans change – we get it! No worries, just shoot us a message, and we'll work our magic to rearrange things for you.

Here's the deal: if you're making changes, give us a heads-up at least 3 working days before your delivery date. But, life happens, right? If you miss the cut-off, don't stress! Once you get your courier confirmation, you'll have a treasure trove of 'in-flight' options, like:

a. Changing your delivery date
b. Picking up from the nearest courier Pickup Shop
c. Sending goodies to your favourite neighbour
d. Choosing a safe spot for your delivery at home

Make sure to add your contact number in checkout – it helps our courier reach you if needed. And in case things go a bit sideways, a calling card and email will guide you on where to find your goodies, plus a bunch of ways to get things back on track.

Need a chat? Our SSP Customer Care Team is here Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (excluding those pesky public/bank holidays).

6. Do your couriers guarantee ‘Next Day Delivery’?

We've got the scoop on deliveries – while our courier company can't promise a 100% next day delivery, they work their magic with a whopping 97% success rate.

Every parcel's on a GPS adventure, tracked for your peace of mind. And if, by some cosmic twist, the delivery doesn't play nice, don't worry! Our courier will leave a nifty card with a bunch of renewed delivery options.

Now, here's the nitty-gritty: despite our efforts and all the bells and whistles, we can't offer refunds for late or undelivered items if it's not our courier's fault. But, fret not – we're here, ready to assist and make things right whenever possible.

7. I have not received the email or text from the courier to say when my 1 hour delivery time slot on the day of delivery will be. What should I do?

To get the lowdown on when your parcel will grace your doorstep, just call the courier directly. Use the parcel reference number they shared when they reached out to you.

Need a bit more assistance or feeling a bit lost? No problemo! Pop over to our Contact Us page, and we'll join the mission to uncover the arrival details for you.

Our Customer Care team is on standby Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (excluding those tricky public/bank holidays).

8. I have taken time out of my day to be in for the 1 hour delivery time slot, on the day of delivery, but my delivery has not come. What should I do?

Please contact the courier and enter your parcel reference number to find out where your order has got to.

If your order is not delivered, or has not been attempted to be delivered, on the day they have confirmed please go to the contact us page and we will investigate why this has happened.
Lost in the delivery maze? No worries – let's track down your order together!

Contact our trusty courier and punch in your parcel reference number for the latest scoop on your order's journey.

Now, if the delivery day comes, and it's more MIA than expected, get in touch through the Contact Us page. We've got your back and will dive into the investigation to uncover why your treats are playing hide-and-seek.

9. My delivery is damaged, incomplete or is not what I ordered. What should I do?

Oh no, we're really sorry to hear about this. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're here to make things right.

Hop over to our Contact Us page and share the deets with us – your order reference number and a quick snapshot of the delivered parcel. We'll launch an investigation to figure out what went awry.

If it turns out there's a slip-up, we've got your back. You might be in for a little gesture of goodwill or even a part or full credit/refund. A couple of quick notes to keep in mind:

Let us know within 24 hours of delivery (or collection). Send over any extra info our Customer Care team might need within 48 hours of reporting the issue.
Your happiness means the world to us – let's turn this frown into a Millie's-style smile! .
1. Which stores offer a click and collect service?

Great news, cookie enthusiasts! You can now snag your favourite Millie's treats through our click and collect service, available at ALL 46 of our stores across the UK.

Getting your hands on those delicious delights just got a whole lot easier – click, collect, and let the cookie celebration begin!

2. What if I miss my timeslot?

To keep the click and collect magic flowing smoothly, we're kindly asking everyone to stick to their chosen 1-hour collection timeslots.

If you happen to swing by outside your selected timeslot, we might face a little cookie chaos, and fulfilling your order could be tricky. Please be sweet and understand that, unfortunately, we can't offer refunds for orders not picked up within their designated timeslots.

3. How much notice do I need to give to place an order?

Because our cookies are the stars of the show, we need a little time to freshly bake and hand-ice each order. To make sure you don't miss out on the cookie extravaganza, be sure to place your orders for our tempting cookie boxes and giant cookies at least 2 hours in advance.

Pro tip: Our click and collect order slots are as precious as our cookies, so why not plan ahead and order in advance? It's the secret recipe to ensuring you get your hands on your favorite treats without any wait.

4. Can I place an order for same day collection?

Customers can order up to 2 hours before their preferred collection time, provided there is availability in unit – this is managed through the online collections grid. If the slot appears as unavailable, we will have reached our full capacity for that hour. We have a limited number of click & collect order slots so recommend ordering in advance to avoid disappointment!

Ready to secure your cookie treasures? You can place your orders up to 2 hours before your desired collection time, as long as there's availability in the unit.

Quick tip: keep your eyes on the online collections grid – it's like a map to cookie happiness!

Now, if that slot is playing hard to get and shows as unavailable, we've hit full cookie capacity for that hour. Our click & collect order slots are in hot demand, so to guarantee your cookie fix, we highly recommend swooping in and ordering ahead.

5. Do I have to collect my order myself?

No - to assist pick-up all we'll need to see is your order reference number and confirmation. Please have those handy, and we'll get everything sorted for you.

6. Can I order a custom design that is not on the website?

Ready to add a personal touch to your cookies? Head over to the 'Personalised Cookie' section on our website, where you can craft a message and pick your favourite icing colours. It's like creating a masterpiece, one cookie at a time!

Got something extra special in mind? Give your nearest store a ring, and our team there will work their magic to bring your personalized design dreams to life. Let's make your cookies as unique as you are!
1. How many servings are there in a giant cookie?

Our giant cookies provide 12 portions.

2. How long can the cookies be kept and how do I keep my cookie staying fresh?

Baked just for you, our products are made to order. In most cases, they're baked the day before delivery, with timing dependent on your delivery address.

Fun fact: Monday's delights are baked and sent off on the sweet Friday before!

Want to keep that freshness lasting longer? Easy peasy! Pop your cookie into an airtight container and store it in a cool, dry, and unrefrigerated spot. It's like a little secret to extend the joy of your Millie's moment!

3. What flavours are your icings?

Choosing our standard product and service? Get ready for a delightful dance of flavours! Our icings are all vanilla-infused, except for the ones that bring a fruity twist – pink is strawberry-kissed, and yellow is a burst of lemony goodness.

4. Are your cookies vegetarian?

Our cookies are suitable for vegetarians.

Please note that selected toppings we use to decorate our cookies may not suitable for vegetarians.

5. Are your cookies Halal?

Just keeping it real: our cookies aren't Halal certified by our supplier since some ingredients use alcohol. Here's the scoop – while there's no alcohol in the cookie you munch on (it evaporates during baking), there might be traces in the recipe.

6. Where can I find allergens information?

Just a heads-up, we might switch things up from time to time. If you have any allergies or dietary needs, please let us know with each visit!

For the nitty-gritty details, find allergen info on each product page. But here's the scoop: our kitchens are bustling with a variety of ingredients, and we use most, if not all allergens.

Got questions or need more info on ingredients? Our Customer Care team is ready to assist. Let's keep your Millie's moments safe and delightful!

7. Where can I find nutrition/calorie information?

Wondering about the calories? Find all the details on each product page. Quick heads- up: our calorie counts are listed per serving (12 slices/portions for giant cookies) and per single cookie base.

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day.